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 At HARDMANS we pride ourselves on the highest Quality of materials and workmanship . Our bespoke built Orangeries are tailored to you personal requirements .

Orangeries have become the most popular extension to properties over the last 4 years . At Hardmans we have been installing them for the 10 years and have the best knowledge  to help you get an all year round useable room that looks great and has the best U Value for heat efficiency  .

We start by meeting with you to find your requirements . No pushy sales persons . Gary Hardman will find all your requirements from you . He will then do a 3D Cad drawing for you of the Orangery showing it attached to your property so that you will see exactly what it will look like . Hopefully is takes away any worry will it or wont it look correct


We take your installation  from start to finish . Are base crew will start you base and not leave until it is complete . Full foundation footing . Insulation to base . D.P.C . cavity wall insulation . final screed to flooring . Your base finishes will be determined by the external finish to your property . Internally again may be different finishes ie : plastered , brick , stone .


The Window system is VEKA which we have been installing for over 30years on the Wirral . Veka is an A Rated or A+ Rated system .  Double glazing or Triple glazing the choice is yours . Colouring of the frames is now vast from Black ,Grey , Cream , Rosewood , Irish Oak , Cherrywood  and many more . Your frames from Hardmans can even by tailored to your pacific  colouring requirements .


With the Orangery it is constructed of 2 sections of roofing . The outer solid boarder section of the roof is a German design called a Super Warm Roof . This given not only a very low U Value but also a proportionally  correct size boarder running around the edge . This has King span insulation in to ensure the best insulation . A fully licensed installation for you outer rubber roofing section . This enables you to walk around the roofing section if you require to do and repair work to your property above the location of the Orangery . Be careful that you are not being sold a full conservatory roof with a False boarder to the inside as this has no heat insulation nor heat reflection in the summer . Also you can not gain access above it for any form of maintenance . The conservatory part of the roof is an Azure Glass roof which has self cleaning and 3 different colourings depending on how much light you require . Clear or Blue or Green .

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