Stable Doors

What are Stable Doors?

Stable doors are unique split doors traditionally used in rural settings, consisting of an upper and lower section that can be opened independently. These doors offer a charming and practical solution, allowing for controlled access and ventilation while keeping animals or pets secure within a stable or home environment.

Stable Door Installers Wirral

Hardmans’ Stable Door brings a charming country aesthetic to any home, constructed with durable and long-lasting VEKA PVCU.

Inspired by traditional farmhouse doors, this door features a unique design where the upper and lower sections can be opened independently, allowing for ventilation and a view while also serving as a barrier to keep children, pets, and unwanted visitors out.

The furniture and mechanisms used for the stable door are the same as those used for the Hardmans single door. The top and bottom sashes are operated by a lever handle on the top sash and a colour-coordinated key locking barrel on the lower sash.

With a standard door hook lock, the sashes incorporate shootbolt extensions for individual locking and to ensure a secure seal when closed.

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