P-Shaped Conservatories

What are P-Shaped Conservatories?

The P-shape conservatory combines the features of lean-to conservatories with Victorian or Edwardian styles, offering an ideal solution for maximizing space without overwhelming your garden or requiring extensive redesign.

P-Shaped Conservatories

Your Hardmans P-shaped conservatory can be constructed with a frame and glass or built on a dwarf wall to match your property’s existing brickwork. This versatile design combines traditional elements with Edwardian or Victorian styles, creating a spacious and multipurpose addition to your home.

Visit our showroom to explore various styles and utilize 3D drawings superimposed on your property’s photo to visualize the result.

If you have an old P-shaped conservatory and want to update it with modern colors (like Anthracite Grey), A-rated Azure Active Self-Clean glass, and new A-rated Veka frames with Planitherm glass and Argon gas-filled units, we can help you create a stylish, year-round usable space.

Let Hardmans help you make a statement with the perfect conservatory for all seasons.

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