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P-Shaped Conservatories

The P-shape conservatory is a style that combines a lean-to conservatory with a Victorian or Edwardian conservatory.

The P-shape conservatory combines a mix of Edwardian or Victorian styles and is ideal for creating maximum space whilst keeping a sense of proportion in the property. The rounded part of the P-shape conservatory style can be specified in either a three- or five-segment design and the return part can have a hipped roof or a lean-to end. The beauty of the P-shape conservatory style is that it can add much-needed space to the house without swallowing up too much of the garden or requiring much in the way of garden redesign.

Your Hardmans P-shaped conservatory can be frame and glass, extending from the ground up or built on a dwarf wall to match the existing brickwork of the property. However you choose to have your P-shape conservatory, you’ll find it an excellent way to combine Edwardian or Victorian and traditional styles, create an impression of light and space, and gain a versatile, dual-purpose addition to your home.

Our showroom will allow to to see the many different styles we have to offer every customer . We will also provide you with 3D drawing with the style of structure imposed onto the photograph of your property which will help you visualize the end effect to ensure you get exactly what you wanted .

As shown below if you have a old P Shaped and you wish to update to bring in the latest colours (Anthracite Grey) inside and out and new A rated Azure Active Self clean glass . New A Rated Veka frames with Planitherm glass and Argon gas filled units . This will give a brand new looking modern feel to an old conservatory also making it all year round usable

Make a statement and let Hardmans help you to create your perfect conservatory for all seasons.

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